Affordable Steam Carpet Cleaning Bristol

Carpet Cleaning Bristol

Select our carpet cleaning Bristol service for non-shrinkable carpets. This method is the most effective stain removal technique, and with our modern equipment and range of professional detergents will give stunning results on wool, acrylic or other water-tolerant carpets. Prepare to be impressed by how much better your carpets will look when the cleaners are done with them.

What is more, with us you can count on:

  • Qualified and experienced carpet cleaning technicians
  • Quick drying times
  • Professional grade cleaning agents
  • Modern equipment
  • Expert treatment & maintenance guidelines
  • Customer services accessible 24/7
  • Emergency & vacations appointments
  • Special spot treatment included in the price
  • Up to 20% mixed booking orders discount

Book us for your steam carpet cleaning in Bristol today! Simply call 07707 271771 and make your appointment for a time that is convenient for you. Enjoy our expert service in Bristol!

Reasons To Choose Bristol Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaners BS1It makes no difference if you’ve called us for domestic carpet cleaning or for office carpet cleaning. The selection of the best method – dry or steam carpet cleaning will be based on the composition of your carpet or rug and the type of staining upon it. Having decided upon the technique to be used, the technicians also have a wide array of detergents to choose from in order to give you the best possible results.

Selecting the Best Cleaning Technique in Bristol

Steam cleaning, also known as hot water extraction cleaning gives great results on carpets that have significant amounts of dirt or grime.The process of heat extraction cleaning involves the removal of most of the water used as part of the cleansing process. This means that drying times are far quicker than with more dated cleaning processes. As with all of our services, steam carpet cleaning is delivered by trained and qualified cleaners. You can be confident that this method will only be used when the carpet has been checked to ensure that it’s an appropriate technique. For more delicate materials we apply another technique – dry carpet cleaning.

Book Your Steam Carpet Cleaning in Bristol

Call us night or day on 07707 271771 and book your steam carpet cleaning. When you’re connected to our customer care team request your free quote, or make your booking in a single call. Our systems are set up to make life easy for you so this will only take a few minutes.
Alternatively, arrange for us to call you. Just go to our contact form, tell us which service you’re interested in and indicate what time our call would suit you. You don’t even need a phone to make your booking! We have a chat facility on the site, which like our phone lines, is staffed 24/7. Type into the chat box and you’ll get a very prompt reply.

Dry Cleaning Carpet or Hot Water Extraction?

Carpet Cleaners BristolEasy decision right? Wrong? Armed with this information you can make educated decisions for your own carpet cleaning needs.

Most carpet manufacturers recommend “Hot Water Extraction” to clean their brands of carpeting – including Shaw (the worlds largest manufacturer), but that may not be the best solution for all cleaning needs.

Simple Carpet Cleaning Guide Facts:

  • Hot Water – effective cleaning requires Hot Water – in the neighborhood of 140 degrees delivered to the carpet surface (about the same as your dishwasher). Always buy a machine that heats the water. This is the most important carpet cleaning tip – hot water!
  • Lift – Vacuum Lift is measured by how far up a glass tube the unit can pull a vertical column of water. Commercial grade equipment will lift in excess of 100 inches.
  • Noise – Here is a carpet cleaning tip almost everyone overlooks: carpet cleaning equipment can make considerable noise – be sure to wear hearing protection if you are going to be cleaning for an extended period of time.
  • Chemicals – Chemical cleaning should be applied to the carpet BEFORE the hot water extraction process. The carpet extraction equipment then lifts out the chemicals pH Balance – When using chemicals be sure to check with your dealer to make sure you use the proper Acid rinse (most chemicals have a high pH base and this needs to be neutralized in the rinse process).
  • Dry Cleaning – all cleaning methods use some amount of water! Dry cleaning methods rely upon chemicals to bond to the dirt then are “dry vacuumed” later. Some dry cleaning companies also employ “brightening” agents to make the carpet appear cleaner. We recommend hot water extraction not dry cleaning.
    Your dealer or janitorial supply company can help you pick the right cleaning chemicals and purchase or rent the right equipment.

Proven Carpet Cleaning Methods

Each and every s expert on Carpet Cleaning Bristol staff have been through comprehensive training in identifying the variety of fibers, carpets are made of, and the most effective cleaning detergents to use on them. The rug experts in that we assign you will complete a material check out on site before going ahead with the clean. We provide a variety of carpet clean-up procedures, each suitable for a particular type of carpet.

Steam carpet cleaning in Bristol - very successful method whenever it comes to taking away stubborn spots from ink, oil based, coffee, red wine and more. The innovative products in combination with strong cleanup solutions we use offers excellent final results for wool, cotton and silk carpets
Dry Cleaning is an effective cleaning technique, that utilizes practically no water. Those “very low moisture” cleaning procedures rely on dry substances, complemented by different highly effective cleaning solutions. This technique is widely used, because it provides short drying time, eliminates indoor allergens, and extends your carpet and upholsteries’ life. The chemicals applied are totally safe for your children and domestic pets.

Foam carpet cleaning Bristol - a method for rugs with linked underlay. Your precious carpets and rugs will be cleaned carefully and left looking as if they were never utilized. Simply like the steam cleaning approach, no harm done to the underlay
Spring carpet cleaning is the perfect service available for you when you require serious cleaning up after the long winter. Bring some freshness in your home and be free from of the deep-rooted pollution. We will make your dirty carpets shining clean like brand new. Rely on our expert services and restore the bright colour of your carpets and rugs.You can learn more here.
Commercial carpet cleaning services are actually the next brand new solution just for your company or firm. This prospect will completely fit when you are looking for refreshment at work. It will tremendously reward you, as well as your employees, by simply focusing on rapid and specialized methods. All the staff we use is experienced and qualified enough to manage the treatment even through working hours. The use of licensed and eco gear is essential. The high standards and excellent results are simply things that we aim for every single moment. For more information click here.

Hire Cleaning Specialists in Bristol

You will be able to pick out of a range of appointments with skilled rug cleaners in Bristol - every day of the week including evenings at no price change. You can select your scheduled appointment time from 20-minute slots, and that is when we'll be there. When you book more than one particular service, you will benefit from our special promotions!

The Right Carpet Cleaning Company

Our friendly, trained staff is going to answer any questions you may have about our carpet and upholstery cleaning services in Bristol. They will also assist in providing free estimates for your cleaning needs, and one you understand just what we can do for you and your living space, they will be happy to help you set a service appointment.

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    Right now we have far more than 10,000 satisfied customers. We are devoted to offer professional cleanup through expertise - highly skilled cleaners, powerful machines, Prochem Eco-safe supplied solvents and deep cleaning techniques understanding.

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